The Ladies that quilt at St. Stanislaus Parish are a very important part of our community.  They are a group of dedicated women that have been quilting together for many years, some have been in the current group since 1959.  Each year they create beautiful works of art that are auctioned at our Summer Picnic and Fall Supper.    These auctions have raised thousands of dollars over the years, which has made a huge impact on our parish. The ladies quilt every Monday & Tuesday in a special room set aside for them in the school building.  Other ladies of the parish provide lunch for them on Tuesdays, as a thank you for all their hard work.

Quilting is only part of the quilt making process.  The Ladies of the Quilting Group would like to say a special thank you to everyone who buys or donates fabric, pieces the quilts, does the stenciling and helps with the binding.  It’s the wonderful teamwork of our sewing community that makes our Quilt Auctions possible.

Our 1902 quilters and our current quilters


The Gallery of Quilts, Towels, and Crochet items that were auctioned off at the 2023 annual picnic can be viewed by clicking here.