Sodality Mission:

– To foster the love,  devotion, and reverence of the Blessed Mother and our Catholic Church.
– To spread the love for our Blessed Mother and our Catholic Church throughout our community and the world.
– To provide support for our church and our community monetarily and spiritually.

Current Officers:

Nancy Wilbers – President
Donna Halbrook – V. President
Co Secretary – Kathy Linnenbrink and Pam Stonner Treasurer – Alice Bartlett

Meetings are scheduled for the First Sunday of every other month but June following 7:30 mass

2022 Scheduled Meetings:

February 6th
April 3rd
August 7th
October 2nd
December 4th

All women of the parish are considered members of the Sodality and encouraged to participate in the meetings.  A mass for the living and deceased members are offered on every Sodality Sunday and a mass is also offered when a member passes away.
An annual due of $10 is requested from every member.