Sodality Mission:

– To foster the love,  devotion, and reverence of the Blessed Mother and our Catholic Church.
– To spread the love for our Blessed Mother and our Catholic Church throughout our community and the world.
– To provide support for our church and our community monetarily and spiritually.

Current Officers:

Donna Halbrook, President or
Darlene Luebbering, Vice President
Kathy Linnenbrink, Co Secretary
Pam Stonner, Co Secretary
Alice Bartlett, Treasurer

Meetings are scheduled for the First Sunday of every other month but June following 7:30 mass.

2024 Scheduled Meetings:

February 4
April 7
August 4
October 6
December 1

All women of the parish are considered members of the Sodality and encouraged to participate in the meetings.  A mass for the living and deceased members are offered on every Sodality Sunday and a mass is also offered when a member passes away.
An annual due of $10 is requested from every member.