In 1986, Pauline Markway started the St. Stanislaus Perpetual Adoration program  under the direction of Fr. Brendan Doyle. Donna Bernskoetter, her daughter took over as coordinator in 2001. Pauline repeatedly expressed that Fr. Doyle gave her full rein to start the program, and she was always so grateful for his support.

Wardsville was in the center of 4 towns—St. Thomas, Taos, Osage Bend and Jefferson City, and there was a very good possibility that people in these 4 towns would help fill the 168 hours (7 days a week, 24 hours a day).  It happened! People in these towns were honored to be included to help St. Stanislaus fill those hours.

The four stained-glass windows in the chapel were designed by Pauline, and made by Louis Markway. Pauline took a stained-glass class in the late 1980’s for the sole purpose of making the chapel sanctuary lamp. The furniture in the chapel was either made by Marcellus Markway, or found in the church storeroom.  Pauline made the initial cushions on the chairs and benches in the chapel. All the chapel altar cloths and banners that were used in the first 30 years were hand-made and embroidered by Pauline. The magazine rack was found at a thrift store, and the hundreds of books were donated. The number of books have been downsized since the church and chapel’s recent renovation. They are free to borrow or to keep. The sign-in book shows who is taking the consecutive hours, and the enlarged schedule is hung above the sign-in table.

Many who started in 1986 still have hours. Some have had to change their hour due to conflicts, but the program is flexible, and if one hour doesn’t work after a while, there are 167 more to choose from!

Hours are posted in the weekly bulletin, and also displayed on the bulletin board in the church vestibule and in the chapel library. All are welcome to stop in for a visit, or call if you are interested in taking an hour. New hours continue to open up as people’s schedules change, or if a health issue prevents them from continuing an hour.

Currently all the hours in the Adoration Chapel are full.  If you would like to be put on the sub list please contact Donna Bernskoetter at 680-1470 or